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Tom Dee takes pride in each and every job we do. We are licensed and insured and have been in business since 1987.

Hello, I am Tom Dee! I am a true Home Improvement Specialist - a craftsman who has been professionally trained. I do full-time home improvements. I stand behind my work and I will be here tomorrow and next week.         

As a Licensed and Experienced Home Improvement Contractor, I know that customer satisfaction begins with me being on time and professional, whether it be for a job, or even just a FREE ESTIMATE.  When I arrive at your home I will be prepared to work. I take great pride in my work and keep my work area as clean and safe as possible. All my customers are treated with great respect. 


With years of experience and countless repairs under my belt, I am confident I can help you make your dreams for your home come true!  Please call for a FREE ESTIMATE so I can tell you about my specialties!


Licensed and Insured
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